Leah Hickey is a visual artist whose primary concerns are intimacy, voyeurism, sex as self-harm, heartbreak and the role of Woman as caregiver, and is informed by filmic and pictorial pornography.

Leah Hickey (b. 1996) is an artist concerned with love, loss and dysphoria. Through short-form autobiographical prose, typographic design and photographic self-portraiture, Hickey exorcises the emotional trauma brought about by varying forms of grief: bereavement, betrayal, breakdowns and first loves. Influenced by Nihilist and post-Feminist praxis, Hickey's practice foremost lends itself to the post-Pop Art movement of the 1970s, alongside mid-century adult material, to navigate axis of identity under Patriarchy.

Hickey has exhibited nationally, including Eastside Projects, Recent Activity and as part of COMMODITIES with The Molasses Gallery in Stepney Green, London. The artist co-manages and operates an artists' studio and reprographic printing workshop at the Jubilee Centre in Birmingham's Gay Village. In 2021, Hickey co-founded Maiden Studio, an artist-run online platform which centres a collaborative approach to the production and curation of artwork.

As of 2022, Hickey has established Emotional Outbursts, a monthly publication and podcast dedicated to writing, artwork-in-progress and contextual research. In August, the artist commenced their debut solo show, titled How to Get Attention When You're Drowning at Cheap Cheap Gallery in Digbeth. Hickey is also a member of arts education platform School of the Damned, and is currently an Information Assistant at Ikon Gallery in Brindley Place.




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