Leah Hickey is a visual artist whose primary concerns are intimacy, voyeurism, sex as self-harm, heartbreak and the role of Woman as caregiver, and is informed by filmic and pictorial pornography.




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Leah Hickey (b. 1996, Walsall) is an artist concerned with sexual becoming, love, loss and dysphoria. Utilising short-form biographical writing, typography design and photographic self-portraiture, Hickey borrows from mid-century pornographic advertising to reflect upon her own hysteria, sexual proclivities and identity under patriarchy. Hickey's work calls into question heteronormative tropes of desire and the ways in which pornography can impact our understanding of sex, self-pleasure and relationships. Influenced by erotic poetry, Feminist film theory and critique of the still image, the artist often returns to Mulvey's deconstruction of the Gaze, citing 'to-be-looked-at-ness' as a recurrent theme. Unpacking the artist's own pleasure in looking and being looked at, Hickey's work is underpinned by fetishisation of the self.


Self-portrait, September 2021

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