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I see you in magpies

I look to the Moon

and imagine you, up

Warmth of Sun, babbling of brook

You are the wind wrapped around me

flush against my cheek

The breaking bark, the falling leaf

The crow atop the fence

Through rain, through sleet and snow

Oh, how I miss you so!

Skies darken, orbs appear

How, here, I long to seer

You, and you alone

are the fire at the stove

The silence in our home

What I would give for minutes more

for you to stand here at our door

Speak of how you miss me, too

I dream of you


Please, why, can't you come back to me!

I think of you in pudding

Crumble, custard, cream

You are the silver spoon I dream

to touch, to clutch, to hold

Hand now turning cold

Perhaps cloying destiny

that I must, now, wait to see

You, and you alone, once again

in our home



Published in Grief (In Few Forms)

Copyright © 2024 Leah Hickey. All rights reserved.

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