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Leah Hickey is a visual artist whose primary concerns are intimacy, voyeurism, sex as self-harm, heartbreak and the role of Woman as caregiver, and is informed by filmic and pictorial pornography.

JA Grief A Love Letter Day 2 30-04-23 134.jpg

Grief: A Love Letter [poetry reading], Digbeth Art Space, Birmingham, 2023.
Image: Kevin Lake.

Leah Hickey (b. 1996, Walsall, UK) is an artist led by heartache. Hickey uses English Romantic poetry and auto-fiction as a starting point for rhythmic verse, typographic painting and gravestones. The artist's work is influenced by classical American cinematography, performative femininity, and Christian and Druidic ritual surrounding death.

Hickey currently produces Emotional Outbursts, a 'part-fact, part-fiction otherworld of love letters' that merges free verse poetry and Early Modern English language with contextual research, which manifested in print form in 2023. Hickey also co-directs Prayer Room, an artist-led gallery in Birmingham, UK, and recently founded Tentative Press.

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